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Why Mothers Kill: A Forensic Psychologist's CasebookGeoffrey R. McKee, PhD, ABPPOxford University Press, 2006 ISBN: 0-19-518273-1(304 pp. $34.95)



1. Introduction
2. Neonaticide, infanticide, and filicide research: What do we know?
3. Classification of maternal filicide: What do we know?
4. Risk analysis and the Maternal Filicide Risk Matrix
5. Prevention and Risk Intervention Points
6. Detached mother-Denial type: Cathy
7. Detached mother-Ambivalent type: Edna
8. Detached mother-Resentful type: Francine
9. Detached mother-Exhausted type: Glenda
10. Abusive/neglectful mother-Recurrent type: Harriet
11. Abusive/neglectful mother-Reactive type: Janet
12. Abusive/neglectful mother-Inadequate type: Kaye
13. Psychotic/depressed mother-Delusional type: Barbara
14. Psychotic/depressed mother-Impulsive type: Susan Smith
15. Psychotic/depressed mother-Suicidal type: Marilyn
16. Retaliatory mother: Olivia
17. Psychopathic mother-Financial type: Pauline
18. Psychopathic mother-Addicted type: Samantha
19. Psychopathic mother-Narcissistic type: Rhonda
20. Final thoughts: What have we learned and what do we need to do?

page 1, paragraph 1:

Barbara peeked out her living room window and stared at the strangers walking by. She knew what they were thinking. They were going to take away her children and put her in a mental hospital. She’d seen others in the neighborhood looking at her and making plans to abduct her. She felt exhausted, but a voice told her to stay vigilant. She knew her only place of safety was her house. She refused to allow her children to play outside.


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