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Why Mothers Kill: A Forensic Psychologist's CasebookGeoffrey R. McKee, PhD, ABPPOxford University Press, 2006 ISBN: 0-19-518273-1(304 pp. $34.95)



"Through systematic, in-depth analyses, this book provides a fresh perspective on the psychological forces that cause mothers to kill their children. It offers a wonderful combination of humanity and scientific rigor."
----Phillip J. Resnick, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Case Medical School

“… Geoff McKee offers the kind of explanations that have been carefully developed through the discerning eye of an experienced forensic clinician. Any judge, lawyer, clinician, mental health administrator, or policy-maker needing to know about this topic will find Why Mothers Kill to be invaluable.”
----Kirk Heilbrun, PhD, ABPP, Professor and Head,
Department of Psychology, Drexel University

“… Geoffrey McKee has written a superbly readable and scholarly book on the complex issues involved in filicide. His book makes a significant contribution to understanding the multiple paths which lead to mothers killing their offspring. A wide range of professionals and laypersons should have this book as a resource to help in the prevention and interventions of mothers at risk for filicide.”
----George Holmes, PhD, Distinguished Professor,
University of South Carolina Medical School

“McKee’s thorough review of research in cases of murders by mothers led to his development of the Maternal Filicide Risk Matrix, a tool helpful in understanding the risk and protective factors affecting such perpetrators. More than a dozen case histories included in this casebook demonstrates its value in differentiating causal factors and mental states of these women. The book should be read by all who deal with troubled females, especially those who are pregnant or who have young children.”
----Lita Schwartz, PhD, ABPP, Distinguished Professor Emerita,
The Pennsylvania State University
Co-author, Endangered Children: Neonaticide, Infanticide, and Filicide

“McKee has produced a wonderfully useful resource for all those who are concerned with the persistence of the seemingly incomprehensible crime of maternal filicide. Perhaps his greatest contribution is the creation of the Maternal Filicide Risk Matrix…Using this risk matrix, we are afforded a clear view of the flash points of risk—the moments when intervention might have made a vital difference in saving the lives of these children and of their mothers.”
----Michelle Oberman, JD, Professor of Law,
Santa Clara University of Law
Co-author, Mothers Who Kill Their Children: Understanding the Acts of Moms
from Susan Smith to the “Prom Mom


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